SCREW’D AOSP [Redmi-4 and Redmi-4x] Rom 8.1


SCREW'D AOSP redmi 4 and 4x

Hey there I am your Friend Ranjan, again back with a New oreo Rom, Hope you Like it.
we are going to discuss each and everything about Rom 8.1 So start reading don’t skip anything. if still, any problem occurs we are here 24*7 to help you Just comment below and we promise you to help ASAP.

So now jump to the topic


Screw’d Rom 8.1 was created to be a more optimized and speedy ROM for Nexus & Pixel devices. We combine the best features with a slimmed down base to give you one of the fastest, feature-filled ROMs available.

Screw’d be updated, compiled, and tested daily to confirm that we tend to use the newest, stable code base straight from AOSP (Android Open source Project). this suggests that we tend to keep up-to-date with Google’s security patches and options, and we’ll ne’er add code that isn’t needed. we tend to additionally post ALL of our source code thus you’ll see all of the changes we tend to create.


May Security Patch
Font Manager
P Style Notifications
P Animations
Volume Rocker Wake
Smart Pixel
Some Tiles
QS Footer Animations
Carbon Gestures
Fruity Pebbles
Dialer Lookup
OMS Fixes
Configurable Wake Keys
Doze Moved To Ambient Display
Vilte Fixed
Kernel Upstreamed To .108
And A Lot More....


* Your guarantee is/will be void.
* not to blame for bricked devices, dead SD cards whereas flashing  PixelExperience redmi4/4x rom.
* Do some analysis if you’ve got any problems concerning options swallowed throughout this ROM
* Before flashing it! you’re selecting to form these modifications, and if
* You purpose the finger at gymnospermous tree State for messing up your device, I’ll mock you.

Read the total POST! Be Respectful of each variable and don’t arouse ETAs, it’s thought of as being rude!

SCREW’D AOSP Rom 8.1 [Redmi-4]

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Statusbar tweaks, Extra Navigation choices, Lockscreen options, Extended Power Menu, and much, much more. Almost everything is configurable to match your needs. Features from other projects are added and tested daily to help bring more customization to this project.

We use special, optimized toolchains and compilation flags throughout build-time to confirm that you simply get the snappiest ROM out there. Plus, all surplus code from AOSP is stripped out, jilting a really slim base for us to create on.

Screw’d be currently released weekly. This ensures that you just have the most recent options as they’re integrated with. so as to stay you recent with weekly releases, Screw’d incorporate an inbuilt change-log viewer and Over-The-Air update perform bundled into one app, referred to as Lean. Using Lean, you’ll get view changes between builds, and download & install updated.

THEME prepared
As of Screw’d Rom 8.1 we tend to support the Overlay Management System aka OMS, that could be an additional native thanks to theme android. this suggests that you simply will download and apply any theme designed to be used with stratum. the mix of colours and designs are endlessly looking for what theme you select.


Redmi-4 and Redmi-4x

      How to install  Step By Step

We recommend to take complete backup and proceed. Make sure you have Oreo supported TWRP.

Step 1- Download SCREW’D AOSP Rom 8.1 Rom, Gapps.

Step -2 Download firmware v35(UPDATED) –Click Here

Step -3 Now you are ready to go to TWRP (you can switch off phone then press all key together for TWRP)

Step -4 Now press Wipe – Advance wipe and select System, Dalvik, Cache, Data and swipe to wipe.

Step – 5 Flash firmware v35 if It is Necessary (if You are coming from N based Roms else no need to flash )

Step -6 Flash ROM, Gapps by Selecting Install when it Shows Sucess than wipe Dalvik, cache again press reboot

Step – 7 Wait now it will take some time to Boot into SCREW’D AOSP ROM 8.1 redmi4/4x, Enjoy!


SCREW’D AOSP ROM 8.1 [10 May Build] –Download
Click Me
Twrp Recovery for OreoClick here
Gapps Unofficial – click here
Gapps OfficialClick Me [Select arm64/8.1/nano, pico, stock, full your wish]


ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: stable

Created 2018-05-10
Last Updated 2018-05-10

contact to Our developers  on Telegram – @DareD3vil @AbhirajS @Nikesh001 @Crazy_launda @AmarjeetVirk @irfanam @Mayank20 @MkVirus 

website owner- @tecgoal


  1. Ambient display bug.. FP not working when you unlock your phone with ambient displayed.. You neee to iliminate ambient first to unlock

    • He is not the maintainer of the RR rom, he is just writing about the rom updates, it’s the duty of maintainer of the rom to update it and there must be a reason that he is not updating it. SO have patience.

      • Thanks Avirk for your Wonderful Explanation.
        I have been waiting for this rom since It’s last update.
        I can’t control my eagerness to this RR rom…..
        My humble request to the dev 😥
        Please update it…….
        & Thanks Ranjan Sir for your extraordinary dedication ❤

  2. hay ranjan,i found bugs the phone didnt recognize AUX cable+ audio splitter(mic and headphone) sometimes its detected and then dissapears only detected as headphones not headset mic didnt recognize by phone ,but using normal headset its fine,btw in miui rom aux cable detected normally,dunno try several oreo rom the ressult its same,hope it fixed in the next build ,sadly as a mussician i cant do my work without aux cable on my phone,

    best regards
    thanks for all the hardworks

  3. Bug in battery charging info. Please fix. Rom is so beautiful and so smooth. Hope to get it on official soon after all the bugs are fixed


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