dotOS Redmi 4/4x [OFFICIAL] Based On Android Rom 8.1
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Hi friends hope you all are doing great .1st of all I would like to say thanks to All of you from all around the globe, we are getting the huge response from INDONESIA, EGYPT, BANGLADESH, INDIA, SOUTH AFRICA AS well as the USA too. Thanks once again for huge Love and support. All of You are simply awesome without you we are nothing more than a team so Thanks and keep your Love and support alive For us.

dotOS Redmi 4/4x  Based On Android Rom 8.1

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      What is dotOS Rom 8.1 Redmi 4/4x Oreo

dotOS is an Android Rom which focuses on performance and stability. #DroidOnTime #AlignTheDots




Battery Icon Style

Clock and Date

Statusbar icons

Traffic indicators


Navigation Bar

Navbar modes(Stock, Smartbar, Fling)

Smartbar tweaks

Navbar Pulse

Fling mode gestures

All DUI nav tweaks


Brightness slider toggle

Titles visibility

Tiles track accent colour toggle

Quick pulldown

Smart pulldown

Rows and columns tweaks



Memory bar

Immersive recent

Clear all fab

Clear all fab location


Double-tap to sleep

Lockscreen Tuner

Charging info

Media cover art toggle


Power menu tweaks

H/W keys customisation

Volume button tweaks


Launch music app on headset connection

Battery light charging customisations

App Ops





* Merge tag ‘android-8.1.0_r26’
* May security patches
* Volte flag: smaller string
* Append VoLTE status in the carrier name
* mount service: Shut down volumes before restarting framework
* storage: Set all sd cards to visible
QS: Add Sync QS Tile
* Add DarkIconDispatcher to dot logo
* DOT logo in the status bar
* Add support to force disable enhanced sco commands
* base: Add Google Sound Search tile
* Sound search tile: better icon
* Sound search tile: Extend the use
* Snap: adaptive icon
* Specify sector size for target image size
* fs_mgr: format f2fs with length=xx fstab
* fs_mgr: support quota format for f2fs
* Remove extra product property overrides
* sepolicy: qcom: Allow NFC to read and execute files in /vendor on full treble
* sepolicy: Allow vold to exec sgdisk
* Add support for better API
* TelephonyComponentFactory: Overload makeSubscriptionInfoUpdater
* Add support of new HIDL service
* Telephony: Set isNvSubscription as protected
* IMS: Use proper phone to route emergency calls
* Recorder: explicitly include an Android-support-v7-recycle review
* Telephony: Add ERI configuration for U.S
* Add getAtr support
minivold: Use libblkid for reading metadata
* vendor: fix the default sounds
* Hide OEM unlock by default
* Merge “RecentsUI: recent panel clear all
* framework: shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization

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dotOS Rom 8.1 Redmi 4/4x





      How To Flash  dotOS Redmi 4/4x

Everything is same as Before same method apply for flashing on all Oreo Based ROM.

Step 1- Download dotOS Redmi 4/4x Oreo  Rom, Gapps (if you already downloaded than no need to download GApps again).

Step -2 Download firmware v35(UPDATED) –Click Here

Step -3 Now you are ready to go to TWRP (you can switch off phone then press all key together for TWRP).

Step -4 Now press Wipe – Advance wipe and select System, Dalvik, Cache, Data and swipe to wipe.

Step – 5 Flash firmware v35 if It is Necessary (if You are coming from N based Roms else no need to flash ).

Step -6 Flash ROM, Gapps by Selecting Install when it Shows Sucess than wipe Dalvik, cache again press reboot.

Step – 7 Wait now it will take some time to Boot into dotOS Oreo Rom 8.1 For redmi4/4x, Enjoy !!

Your Xiaomi Redmi 4/4x Should boot into  Latest Android Update dotOS Rom 8.1 Oreo For Redmi4/4x. If you have any question related to this post, feel free to leave that in the comment section down below:)


DotOS Rom 8.1 Redmi 4/4x [OFFICIAL] Oreo [12 May]- Click Me
DotOS Redmi 4/4x [OFFICIAL] Rom 8.1 Oreo[Old Build]
Click Me
*Twrp Recovery for Oreo – Click here
*Gapps Official – Click Me [Select arm64/8.1/nano, pico, stock, full your wish]



Thanks to

ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: stable

Created 2018-05-12
Last Updated 2018-05-12

contact to Our developers  on Telegram – @DareD3vil @AbhirajS @Nikesh001 @Crazy_launda @AmarjeetVirk @irfanam @Mayank20 @MkVirus 

website owner- @tecgoal






  1. Dot 0S Oreo ROM – NTFS not supported as you had written as it will support NTFS. It is my favorite custom ROM but in Oreo version I found NTFS not supporting.
    Thanks with regards

  2. Is there any alternate solution for screen lock rather than pressing the power button. Im looking provision like single button to simply put the screen off option. Does this OS or Orea has such feature.

  3. Slow motion not working. Only issue found. Hope that you will male Android P Rom for santoni too. Excellent Rom. Do you remember I had called you regarding GCam. That issue is solved. There was some problematic file in internal storage and so I wiped Internal Storage too.

    • two way 1st is the fastboot method check old post or flash through old TWRP -go to twrp -press install-in bottom you have two option 1 is flash image click on it-locate your TWRP image flash it -flash lazy flasher and reboot enjoy you are in new TWRP now

  4. How to update to latest version of dotOS-O-v2.2-santoni-OFFICIAL-20180506. The system OTA is not showing latest updates.

  5. The rom was so nice but two things. Everytime I try to flash twrp Oreo it always get me to the boot logo MI and all data been erase and the last thing is that when I try to reboot or or switch it on fingerprint didn’t work

  6. The rom was so nice but two things. Everytime I try to flash twrp Oreo it always get me to the boot logo MI and all data been erase and the last thing is that when I try to reboot or or switch it on fingerprint didn’t work. But I like the wallpapers looks so premium 😍


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