Dirtyunicorns OS rom redmi 4x | santoni rom | redmi 4x rom


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Dirtyunicorns OS rom redmi 4x | Santoni rom | redmi 4x rom


     What is DU-Rom 8.1 rom redmi 4x

Dirty Unicorns is a project that launched with no name. it had been a project that was 1st primarily based off AOKP back within the time period of candy.
within the time period, it had been simply a 1 man show on one device, the EVO 3D. Since then, several others have joined the project and it’s grown up exponentially.

We have seen lots of talent contribute to the current project of ours. massive or little, the main focus was continually on causative to the community.
That’s ultimately why we have a tendency to do what we do. when jelly bean, we set to manoeuvre to a brand new base, OmniROM. whereas AOKP was fun, OmniROM verified to be even a lot of exciting base as a result of it challenged us to envision what we tend to might do with a project that had totally different goals in mind.

We tend to learn lots and once more, gain contributors. With Lollipop, we moved to an AOSP base with lots of patches from CAF to create our older devices operate as they must. we grew even more of and learned a full lot.


* Your guarantee is/will be void.
* Worldgiz.com not to blame for bricked devices, dead SD cards whereas flashing DU redmi4/4x rom.
* Do some analysis if you’ve got any problems concerning options swallowed throughout this ROM
* Before flashing it! you’re selecting to form these modifications, and if
* You purpose the finger at gymnospermous tree State for messing up your device, I’ll mock you.

Read the total POST! Be Respectful of each variable and don’t arouse ETAs, it’s thought of as being rude!

     Changelog On 18 July

DU 12.4!
Device specific changelog

- Default kernel governor is fixed (now interactive by default)
- Merged latest CAF in kernel and HALs (credits to @Nikesh001 @Vimal_S )
- Fixed late camera start (credits to @harandev )
- Added DTS Eagle to the kernel (https://forum.xda-developers.com
- Optimized performance for 2GB variants
- Upstreamed camera HAL
- a lot of code clean ups and various optimizations
- July AOSP security patch

ROM changelog

   New Changelog (18 july)           
-fixed Deep sleep issues
-fixed FP issues

Old Changelog (07 July)

– Fix DUI settings custom action dialogue lag
– Fix bootanimation build warnings/size
– Fix memory leak of the page “Languages & input”
– Fix crash issue when a user uses multi-window mode on WifiCallingSettings
– Fix NPE in SettingsPreferenceFragment
– Fix broadcast receiver leak issue
– Fix window transformation related issue
– Fix Phone info FC related to Lab provisioned on some devices
– Fix CustomTile NPE in handleRefreshState
– Fix tabs in the updater with no files showing the previous fragment
– Fix left clock glitch on landscape and cleanup code
– Fix ContentService JNI leaks
– Fix slow-app ANR dumping
– Fix socket leaks in various android.net.Network methods
– Fix doFadingAnimationLocked in sanitized builds
– General theme fixes
– Media Provider fixes
– Analog desk clock widget changes
– Improve lockscreen ambient analogue clock design
– Improve compatibility with LMT and other apps that don’t preload recently
– Ensure that locked recent apps are respected
– Don’t update if HeadsUp is disabled
– Hide freeform task header icon
– Lock rotation on SetupWizard to avoid issues
– Make scramble PIN layout Multi-User friendly
– Split calendar click action from the clock in qs footer
– Remove janky fonts
– RTL changes to doze/gesture packages
– Ensure our AOSP security dialogue respects RTL
– Ensure the Bluetooth icon is transparent when disconnected
– Include wallpaper picker for all builds
– Add special captive portal servers for Chinese
– Add Square style battery
– Add ability to allow to add custom clocks as analogue clock overlays
– Add ability to keep pressing on SmartBar time arrows to move kb cursor
– Add bigger recent icons, dynamic media playing and alarm clock info
– Add ability to allow single tap on the app icon to show app info overlay
– Add DU and deep night clock
– Add dt2sleep to Launcher 3
– Add flashlight gesture & group it with the sleep one to Launcher3
– Add onLongClick functions to calendar/clock in qs footer
– Add ripple effect to the power menu items
– Add ripple effect for alarm and date
– Add option to show battery percentage when charging
– Add permission whitelist for EmergencyInfo app
– Allow to kill any app from recent panel in a safe way
– Allow details view for Cellular tile when tile title is disabled
– Allow for a more robust way to reset DUI options
– Added translations


*You found any Bug report us on telegram t.me/redmi4official

*You will get all latest Info on this channel kindly join – t.me/ghostsupport

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Dirtyunicorns Rom 8.1

     How to install Step By Step

We recommend to take complete backup and proceed. Make sure you have Oreo supported TWRP.

Step 1- Download DU AOSP Rom 8.1, Gapps.

Step -2 Download firmware v35(UPDATED) –Click Here

Step -3 Now you are ready to go to TWRP (you can switch off phone then press all key together for TWRP)

Step -4 Now press Wipe – Advance wipe and select System, Dalvik, Cache, Data and swipe to wipe.

Step – 5 Flash firmware v35 if It is Necessary (if You are coming from N based Roms else no need to flash )

Step -6 Flash ROM, Gapps by Selecting Install when it Shows Sucess than wipe Dalvik, cache again press reboot

Step – 7 Wait now it will take some time to Boot into DU AOSP ROM redmi4/4x, Enjoy!

Your Xiaomi Redmi 4/4x Should boot into Latest Android Update DU AOSP Rom 8.1 For Redmi4/4x ( Rom 8.1). If you have any question related to this post, feel free to leave that in the comment section down below:)


*Dirtyunicorns[DU][18 July] Rom 8.1 – Click Me
*Dirtyunicorns[DU][13 July] Rom 8.1 –
Click Me
*Twrp Recovery for OreoClick here
*Gapps Official – Click Me [Select arm64/8.1/nano, pico, stock, full your wish]


Telegram Id –@fir3walk
Team Ghost for all Source Code
Team Reload for Helping Andrew
Thanks to all member of TeamReloaded
Telegram id: reloaded
ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: stable

Created 2018-07-18
Last Updated 2018-07-18

contact to Our developers on Telegram – @DareD3vil @AbhirajS @Nikesh001 @Crazy_launda @AmarjeetVirk @irfanam @Mayank20 @MkVirus

website owner- @tecgoal


  1. This is probablly the best rom so far out there. Incredible fast system and the fingerprint flies!
    I only got bootloop when i tried to install magisk 15.3. Then i go back to twrp, flashed unistaller and flashed again but 16.4 beta version. I never face this issue, but i guessed because the enforcing selinux

  2. Last update was giving bootloops with default kernel ? Does the problem still persists ?? Do reply asap . It’s one of my favorite rom since the beginning ty


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