Latest android update CrDroid 8.1 [OFFICIAL] for [xiaomi redmi 4] and [xiaomi redmi 4x]


Latest Android update CrDroid 8.1 [OFFICIAL] for xiaomi redmi 4 and xiaomi redmi 4x

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Greetings, hope you guys are doing well. We are here with a new rom for our beloved Santoni and you all know this one very well and it’s our favourite one named CrDroid. CrDroid is a free AOSP / LineageOS Android based ROM.

bringing a lot of custom features ported from AOSPA, SlimRoms, OmniRom and many others great roms out there
crDroid brings what Android has of most advanced in terms of customization and stability! You will love the experience of crDroid.

       A little Note to our User and You-tubers

 As we have seen few users want to earn/get traffic and money and they are using some contents and links from our site. We are not against your earning but please
keep in mind that we have done a lot of hard work to bring up Oreo for this device and we are still doing hard work to fix bugs and trying to give our users a better experience of android
so they can feel the power of real android development. You can share anything on your youtube or blog from this site but please don’t share direct links to the download link. Just redirect them.  [quads id=2]
here to get the download link. This is just a request for now and if we saw direct links then for sure we will not hesitate to report it.

      Whats New ?? whats special?


  • Android 8.1.0_r11
  • Pixel look and feel
  • crDroid Music – Music player based on Phonograph
  • crDroid File Manager – File manager based on Amaze File manager
  • crDroid Home – Revamped and customized launcher with Google now integration
  • crDroid Settings – Our own chamber of secrets with below customization settings
  • ART and BIONIC optimizations

Status Bar

  • Status Bar icons toggle
  • Clock & date customizations
  • Carrier label customizations
  • Network Traffic customizations
  • Customization for weather info in status bar
  • Data activity toggles
  • Battery image and percentage toggle
  • BT battery toggle
  • Battery Bar customizations
  • Custom logo customizations
  • Tap to sleep toggle
  • Brightness gesture control
  • Quick Pulldown customizations
  • Smart Pulldown customizations
  • Ticker customizations

Quick Settings

  • Custom header customizations
  • BT battery toggle
  • Weather tile customizations
  • Quick scroller for small QS tiles
  • Rows/columns configuration
  • Brightness slider configuration
  • Vibrate on touch toggle
  • Additional tiles: Sync, Caffeine, Ambient notifications, Sound, Volume, Compass, USB Tethering, Music, Expanded Desktop, PIP, Weather, Reboot/Recovery

Lock Screen

  • Customization for weather on lock screen
  • Visualization toggle
  • Media cover art toggle
  • Battery info toggle
  • Face auto unlock for recognized trusted faces
  • Tap to sleep toggle
  • Notifications customizations
  • Toggle to access power menu and quick settings on secured lock screen
  • Fingerprint authentication vibration toggle

Recent Screen

  • Icon pack support
  • Immersive recent toggle
  • Memory bar toggle
  • Clear All FAB button customizations
  • Misc buttons toggle
  • Deep clear
  • Slim recent customizations


  • Navigation bar toggle
  • Stock navbar customizations
  • DUI Smartbar customizations
  • DUI Fling customizations
  • Navbar height customizations
  • Dynamic Navbar toggle
  • Pulse customizations – Music visualization for smart bar


  • Disable navigation HW keys
  • Backlight toggle and timeout settings
  • Accidental touch prevention for navigation HW keys
  • HW button mapping
  • Advanced reboot toggle
  • Power menu customizations
  • End call with power button
  • Long press power button for torch
  • Kill app with back button
  • Wake devise with HW non-capacitive button
  • Control playback with volume buttons
  • Keyboard cursor control with volume buttons
  • Swap volume keys on orientation change
  • Additional button settings for device-specific customization

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User Interface

  • Color styles – switching between light dark and accent themes
  • Expanded Desktop customizations
  • Ambient music ticker customizations
  • System-wide animations customizations


  • Power notification controls
  • Force expanded notifications toggle
  • LED customizations for notifications and battery


  • Suppress notification sound when no media is playing and/or screen is on
  • Screenshot sound toggle
  • Live volume steps customization


  • Ad Away
  • Pocket detection – prevents device interaction when inside pocket
  • Suspend actions
  • Show CPU info overlay
  • Media Scanner boot behaviour customization
  • Auto USB mode chooser customization
  • Three finger swipe for screenshot toggle

LineageOS Additional Features

  • Burnt-in protection
  • Live display support
  • Privacy guard with native superuser
  • Increasing ringtone feature
  • Unlinked notification sound


*Your warranty will be void.
* not in responsible for bricked devices, dead sd cards whereas flashing CrDroid Oreo.
*Do some analysis if you have any issues concerning options enclosed during this ROM
*Before flashing it! you are choosing to form these modifications.
*you purpose the finger at conifer State for messing up your device, I am going to mock you.
*Read the full POST! Be Respectful to every different and do not elicit ETAs, it's thought-about as being rude!


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CrDroid Oreo For Redmi4/4x

      How To Flash  Latest Android Update

Everything is same as Before same method apply for flashing on all Oreo Based ROM.

Step 1- Download CrDroid  For Redmi4/4x  Rom, Gapps (if you already downloaded than no need to download GApps again).

Step -2 Download firmware v30 –Click Here

Step -3 Now you are ready to go to TWRP (you can switch off phone then press all key together for TWRP).

Step -4 Now press Wipe – Advance wipe and select System, Dalvik, Cache, Data and swipe to wipe.

Step – 5 Flash firmware v30 if It is Necessary (if You are coming from  N based Roms else no need to flash ).

Step -6 Flash ROM, Gapps by Selecting Install when it Shows Sucess than wipe Dalvik, cache again press reboot.

Step – 7 Wait now it will take some time to Boot into CrDroid Oreo For Redmi4/4x ROM redmi4/4x, Enjoy !!

Your Xiaomi Redmi 4/4x Should boot into  Latest Android Update CrDroid For Redmi4/4x (Android 8.1).If you have any question related to this post, feel free to leave that in the comment section down below:)


*Latest Android Update Rom CrDroid [OFFICIAL] Download  [quads id=9]

Latest Android Update Rom CrDroid Download 

*Twrp Recovery for Oreo – Click here
*Gapps – click here


      Man Behind This Work

Saikat haLdar
ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: stable

Created 2018-03-02
Last Updated 2018-03-02

Contact to Our Team members  on Telegram – @DareD3vil @AbhirajS @Nikesh001 @Crazy_launda @AmarjeetVirk @irfanam @Mayank20 @MkVirus 

website owner- @tecgoal

    ScreenShots Of Each and Every Part



  1. How is the ram management in crdoid 8.1 because in crdroid nougat gives less amount of free ram . I was not able to use crdoid nougat as i have 2gb ram variant and only 300 mb was left free in crdroid nougat .

  2. OMG, don’t look any further, this is the real deal. I’ve tried every Oreo room and let me tell you, this one is a keeper. Kudos to the developer and the whole team ghost. I’ve never felt such fluidity on my xiaomi till now. I hope this will get official status when the time comes.

  3. Thank you. Best room for santoni is here. And it’s superb! My daily driver and so far not a single bug (can’t turn off hardware keys, but I think it’s source bug, and I don’t use that so no problem for me). Hope future updates will bring more of cr droids goodies to the table. Lots of love and respect!

  4. This is a real cool ROM! But phone calls can’t be done through Bluetooth headset, the sound still goes through the speaker. I guess this is the bug in LineageOS base because the same thing is in Lineage OS 15 and InvictaOS for this device. But maybe it could be fixed?


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