Beatrix Kernel for Redmi 4x (santoni)
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 Beatrix Kernel for Redmi 4x (santoni)

Beatrix Kernel for Redmi 4x (santoni)

Hey guys, Ranjan here once again this time, I have a good surprise for you all. we all know very well that we all are android Geek. that’s why we are here, so my surprise is also related to Android itself.

wait are you thinking about ROM? hmmm nope, this time it’s a powerful custom KERNEL. if you are an old Android geek you know very well about the custom kernel. and suppose if you are new to android arena no problem, I m explaining things to you in an easy way so no need to worry about it.

So 1st of all what custom kernel is all about? the answer is very simple.

The kernel is the bit of programming that crosses over any barrier between the operating system (and installed apps)and the equipment in the gadget. All that you do on your gadget includes the portion. Expanding the volume while playing a video? Android doesn’t specifically advise the speakers to build yield. Rather, it advises the portion that it needs to build the volume, and the piece converses with the speaker to expand its yield.

However, why the middleman? In exceptionally basic terms, it makes Android significantly more adaptable. Google can stress over making the greater part of the usefulness in Android, however not need to stress over how that is precisely executed on every gadget. Since there are such a significant number of gadgets that have a wide range of equipment, Google can’t stress over furnishing similarity and drivers with every gadget. It’s the maker’s business to make the hat has all the drivers necessary to make everything work on the device.

Kernel for Redmi 4x

Now lets come to the Our Custom kernel Beatrix Kernel which is For Redmi 4 which clearly written in the post title.    The developer of this Beatrix Kernel is Mayank ( A well-known GHOST  TEAM Developers). he includes each and every possible thing to make this kernel extraordinary. Here are few details below about Beatrix Kernel. Plese read it properly and do as developer guide you. And report here in the comment section if you are facing any issues.


upstream to 3.18.87
-Fast charge
-introduced governors such as
– alucard
– and others and optimized it for better battery backup
-introduced Adreno idler for deep sleep issues
-Optimized CPU voltages
-kgsl values are relaxed so that it doesn’t heat


kernel link: Here 

    Bug Fixes

-WIFI fixed(be in latest build or ask for patch if u are on old build)

    kernel Source

Based on This 

patch here(only for those whose wifi not working and an advice to please shift to latest Roms as in them this issue is fixed)


Dev – Mayank, original xda post link here 

Ghost Team, Varun, Noyer.




    • if you want to build, we can provide the source to you brother as it is a website that’s why we don’t open it until anyone asks for it


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