Google Store is Going Live in India, Brazil, Indonesia, and More Countries
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Google Store is Going Live in Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, and More Countries


It seems that Google has more for us in store than new devices. The Google Store is the official way to purchase Google products, be it the old Nexus line, the new Pixel line or other Google made products such as the Google Nest or Chromecast. It is not available in many countries, however, meaning that people in those countries will have to resort to unofficial means. This can change the warranty benefits you receive or can make the device cost potentially much higher.
Now the Google Store is expanding, meaning you’ll be able to access it in even more countries! Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand were added to the country picker, and will assumedly soon be able to access the Google Store to purchase products officially and directly from Google. They currently do not actually work.


It is likely this expansion comes as a result of the many new devices Google recently announced, including the Google Home MaxGoogle Home MiniGoogle ClipGoogle Daydream ViewGoogle Pixel Buds,
the Pixelbookand, of course, the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. This allows Google to expand their target audience and potentially sell to even more countries. It also allows them to undercut any existing markets for the devices in the regions, as the costs of buying these products unofficially will likely be much higher through a third-party retailer than the official Google Store.
If you’re interested in any Google devices, it’s always best to see if the official Google Store sells it to your region before looking at third-party sellers. Usually direct from the manufacturer, especially when it comes to Google, will give you a better price and a better warranty benefit. Even just pre-ordering a Google Home Max from Google will allow you to receive 12 months of YouTube Red for free, which you don’t get anywhere else. Once the store pages are up, check it out and compare the prices to the cost of a device in your region. You might just be surprised.



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