Summary of Essential’s Reddit AMA: Android Oreo Coming Soon, White Model, Verizon Support, and More
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Summary of Essential’s Reddit AMA: Android Oreo Coming Soon, White Model, Verizon Support, and More

After multiple delays of the Essential Phone, the company was finally able to start shipping their smartphone to those who had pre-ordered. To celebrate the device being made available on Sprint, the team decided to host an AMA (ask me anything) over on Reddit. We’ve combed through the most popular questions that were answered and we’d like to share a summary of what was said during that question and answer session.
To start off, many reviewers have criticized the Ess
ential Phone for what is seen as an average camera performance. User Kay1000RR asked about this and was told that while the company is happy with the cameras themselves, they aren’t satisfied with the output. They feel the issue is entirely because of the software (due to combining two different images) and that they’re working to improve it. Another issue many have had about it is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone port.
Reddit user C7XL asked about the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, and the Essential team responded that adding the connector would have required adding a ‘headphone bump’, or adding a chin bezel while losing 10% of the battery capacity. However, later on in the AMA we also learned that the next Click Connector accessory will be a charging dock but the one after that will be a high-end audio accessory that adds support for a 3.5mm jack.
In another comment, the company says a bug that causes UI freezing is their current priority. We’re told that both kernel source code as well as factory images will be released “in the next few days” and the company is planning for the Android Oreo update “in the next month or two.” We also learned that the white variant is a few weeks away from being ready and that Verizon Wireless certification  is “at the tail end” and could be coming within the week.


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