Skyrim Together co-op mod closes in on launch, drops feature-filled update trailer
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A frequent, and mostly unfair, question levied at ZeniMax’s The Elder Scrolls Online is: Is this like multiplayer Skyrim? It’s not, but the Skyrim Together mod is. After years of hobbyist development, the mod which lets “2+ players” band together in Tamriel plans to release its first stable version before the end of the year. 
It’s now got a comprehensive feature update trailer that explores cooperative combat, exploration and additional enemy placement, among other things. Look, see:


The Skyrim Together team originally hoped to launch this month, however reckons October is more likely at this stage. As a part-time voluntary project, finding time outwith real life poses its biggest challenge, and team member Ananace reckons next month isn’t guaranteed. “We should be able to get it out this year at least,” Ananace however tells me.


Post-launch, the mod’s team also plans to create an API that’ll allow players to implement and craft their own mods within Skyrim Together. The following short (summarised at 5.34) outlines the hows and whys of that process:
Though without a hard release date, Skyrim Together is due before the end of 2017.



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