‘I would love to add a single player campaign to the game’ says PUBG creator
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Image result for playerunknown's battlegroundsBrendan Greene, the man in charge of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, facilitated a Reddit AMA before today. Inside, he talked about the likelihood of a solitary player crusade, new vehicles for the diversion’s new and approaching guide, and a tribute to ’90s drama demonstrate Father Ted. 

With remarks running into the thousands, Greene was immersed with questions yet managed to hit various intriguing issues—not slightest adding solo play to the fight royale kill test system. 

“I would love to add a solitary player crusade to the diversion,” says Greene when asked of the highlights he’d love to see added to the amusement. “I think the island we have could be an extraordinary area for an intriguing story, yet sadly we simply don’t have room schedule-wise or the assets for this right now!” 

What Greene and his Bluehole group appears to have time for, notwithstanding, is acquainting new vehicles with the amusement’s next guide. Regardless of staying tight-lipped on what they may be, he stated: “We have new vehicles got ready for the new guide,” says Greene. “As to what they may be, you’ll simply need to sit back and watch.”

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Another component making a beeline for PUBG is a division and additionally position framework, much the same as any semblance of CS:GO, League of Legends, and the likewise organized H1Z1. “We do have plans to include frameworks like this,” clarifies Greene. “We additionally need to include a character leveling framework and weapon expertise frameworks (that doesn’t influence diversion play) and other movement frameworks. We’ll have more data on these once we get an opportunity to completely design them out.” 

Somewhere else, Greene said he and his group have “no plans” to present content visit at any point in the near future, and that he’s as yet getting utilized “each word [he says] freely” being accounted for on, which from various perspectives underscores PUBG’s transient achievement. 

Furthermore, from the superb to the ludicrous: a tribute to ’90s parody indicate Father Ted may be on the cards. 

Whenever inquired as to whether any unobtrusive Irish references are arranged down the line, Father Ted, for instance, Greene stated: “I don’t think anybody at home realized that the diversion mode was made by an Irishman, and subsequently I was never reached by any nearby organizations. I likewise didn’t have the experience to set up a studio myself so never truly thought of it as. A little gesture to Ted? I as of now have an arrangement for this, so stay tuned.” 

Prompt Craggy Island as PUBG’s third guide. Look at Greene’s Reddit AMA in full here.


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