Google to Make its Dialer App More Useful with Notification Actions
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Google to Make its Dialer App More Useful with Notification Actions

Google has slowly been adding more features to its dialer application over the last few years and many have appreciated the work they’ve done. This becomes even more important with their renewed focus on hardware thanks to the Pixel phones as they are actively looking to make it commercial success. We have found a new AOSP commit that shows the company is looking to add a some more useful notification actions in the Google Dialer application.
Google isn’t just dedicating time and resources to their main dialer application though. Earlier this month we showed you that the company is finally pushing out some major updates to the AOSP Dialer 
application. The AOSP Dialer has been sitting at version 10 for seemed like forever, but a recent push bumped it all the way up to version 13. This specific update shows they were working to add a floating buttons while you’re in a call andwe showed you how to manually enable the feature 
on your device right now.
So Google is continuing their work on their dialer, but new activity shows it is happening in the Google Dialer itself. A new commit has been merged to the Android Open Source Project 
that shows they are adding a speakerphone button to the in-call notification card. As of right now, they only have a way to hang up your current phone call but this shows they’re wanting to add some more useful notification actions to the Google Dialer application.
We’re not sure how far they will take this, as there really aren’t many things we could see Google adding here. A button to hang up the phone call makes sense and so does a button to enable the speakerphone. It will be interesting to see if Google does expand on this with more actions in the future.


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