Amazon Reportedly Making Alexa Smart Glasses
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Amazon Reportedly Making Alexa Smart Glasses

Does anybody remember Google Glass? They were a set of smart glasses which showed information in a hands-free smartphone-type environment. They didn’t do all too well. They released in 2014 and nothing really came of it, except for some cool proof of concepts 
and knowledge that might’ve trickled down to other products. However, Amazon are looking to pick up from where Google left off according to theFinancial Times, and are reportedly working on their own Alexa smart glasses.
Amazon are looking to take it a different direction than Google did, however. There allegedly will be a connected security camera to go with it, showing what may be an aim towards businesses. The device will also play audio through bone conducting headphones.
Bone conducting headphones are pretty interesting, and a technology we don’t often see used in any other mainstream devices. For those unfamiliar with the technology, the headphones get placed against your upper jaw and vibrate, sending the vibrations to your inner ear and then your brain which understands it as sound. The technology isn’t really there yet for good quality audio or higher volumes, with the original Google has having notoriously unclear audio for crowded environments, but for the likes of spoken word and news it should be fine. If Amazon are to employ this technology, it will be up to a high enough standard for daily usage.
The Alexa smart glasses are said to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. They will probably work similarly to Android Wear 
devices from the sound of the report.
Sadly there is no information on pricing, as that will make or break the product. If the device is cheap enough (let’s say, way below $1500) then we may see an uptake of the device if it is marketed on Amazon’s marketplace. Would you be interested?

Source: FinancialTimes


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