Features of Android phones that are unknown but are mind-blowing
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Suppose that you’re in a party .
And you like some song that is being played
And you don’t know the name of the song
Then you can do this-
1. Select the mic button or else say OK Google .
2. Select the music icon that you see(Music symbol will come on its own)
3.Let Google identify the song .
And there you go 🙂 Ta-da!!!

  1. Android Launchers: I don’t know how many of us actually use different launchers available in the play store. Generally people stick to the launcher provided by the manufacturer, and never realise that this can be modified. The launchers available these days can totally modify the look of the home screen and provide additional functionality to the phone. Just search for launchers in the play store.
  2. OBD : On Board Diagnostics: Every car these days have interfaces which can tell the status of the car by plugging into the electronics via a device called OBD. These devices range from Rs. 500 to Rs 2000 on Amazon. The device then communicates to the phone via bluetooth and you can see the data via a compatible app.
    1. App: Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) – Android Apps on Google Play
    2. Hardware: obd: Electronics
  3. Google Maps: Maps have come a long way. In India we didn’t have traffic predictions till 2015. But now the predictions is just too good. There a millions of Android user in India and based on their time spent in traffic in a certain area on a certain time the app models the traffic conditions. One thing that is still missing is the road conditions. If the road conditions is bad and the traffic is moving slowly, Google concludes that the traffic condition is bad in the area.
  4. Tasker: The automation app of Android. That’s right you can automate to turn on/off your smart TV, lights, fans, etc. via this single app. The can automatically do this based on the phone location/state/day/event/time. for example you want that when you leave from office the Air conditioner in your home should be switched On. Tasker based on your location/ cell tower location can identify that you are going home and switch it On. Of course you need to have a smart switch at your home with internet connectivity.
  5. Control DSLR: There are lot of apps which can easily control all the functionalities of DSLR from OTG cable. Also, it provides the functionality of time lapse. Also, if your camera display has broken the app shows live view.
       There are a lot of other features available. Will update this list later.


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