Half Fix : Dead Pixels Issue on Redmi Note 4
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dead pixels on redmi note 4
Hello Folks, if you are facing Dead pixel issue on Redmi note 4, or you are noticing some Blue Dots on the screen of Redmi note 4 when you watch movies or so, then you are on the right place,
Here I will try to fix the dead pixel issue on Redmi note 4 device, I would like to tell you that this is a very common issue for most of the Xiaomi Phone I have used, as I have the same issue on Redmi Note 3G and one of my Redmi 2 Device, I will explain all the thing that what are dead pixels and how to prevent them from appearing on your phone, also its good to inform you that only 20% time you will be able to fix this dead pixel issue at home, 80% times you may have to visit Mi Service centre to replace your Mobile screen to solve this issue.

First, let’s talk about what is Dead Pixel on Redmi Note 4 or any other Phone

Our smartphone screen or any other LED Screens are made using millions of small pixels to provide us best possible details on graphics, however sometimes, some of the pixels get damaged by some technical issues and they just start not responding or changing their color accordingly, they just stuck on a single color that is why we can easily identify them by using some apps available on the play store to see how many dead pixels we have on our phone.

Also there is one more thing, some pixels that are stucked on a single color like Black is Dead Pixels and some are colorful like Blue, Red, or Green that is count as stuck pixel, the stuck pixel could be fixed by using some apps to force them to light up, but as I have told earlier there is no guaranty that you will be able to fix dead pixel issue on Redmi or any other phone.
Some pixels which only shows black color all the time, they are called as Dead Pixels, both the stuck pixel and dead pixel are the total hardware issues, I would suggest you visit the service center to solve this issue if your phone is under the warranty, and if your phone’s warranty has expired then you first try the method I am going to fix the dead pixel issue, before going to service center.
Note: Stuck pixels can be fixed, but dead pixels never gonna fixed without replacing the Mobile Screen.

Try to Fix the Stuck Pixels on Your Redmi Note 4, Follow the Steps

  1. Download the Dead Pixel Test and Fix  App from the Google Play Store
  2. Open the app and click on Fix Dead Pixel, and ignore if see any ads.
  3. Now Click on Start, this will start refreshing all the pixels on your screen at a very rapid pace
Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, and it will rapidly force all the pixels to start working, but as I have told earlier, there is no guarantee that it will fix the issue of dead pixels on your android phone.
After that open the same app and click on check dead pixels and click auto or manual, to check. Auto mode will automatically change the color of the screen and display you different color so that you can identify the dead pixel, or you can choose manual mode, on which you have to touch the screen manually to change the color of the screen and check whether there are a dead or stuck pixels present or not.
If you are still facing the dead pixel issue on android or Redmi note 4, then you have to visit the service centre and submit your phone for the display change.
If you have any other display related issue on your phone please feel free to share it with us, leave the comment below.


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